How to win at Gems Bonanza?

Gems Bonanza is a fairly simple game, where it is not necessary to have at hand, a ready-made game scheme. In short, the game starts when the user presses the start button and starts the reels. When identical characters appear on the playing field, they all gradually disappear, their place is soon taken by new stones. Each pebble has a value, respectively, in the game they have no special value, it all depends on the occurrence of identical characters in how many they were formed.

How to win the game Gems Bonanza beginner

Players may not know that it is the appearance of identical symbols that will carry multiple winnings in a row. Once the game has started, users should collect all the symbols in a row. Everything will be clear after ten minutes. As up to a certain point, the provider has made it easier for beginners by offering a minimum bet size. Now everyone can make an investment of 10 cents, and try to win. The slot works on a random number generator.

Here you do not have to catch prize combinations, and can only get additional rewards. All the benefits of this slot do not end there, as exciting features provide users with new options. Due to the fact that the slot machine has a number of advantages, players can get winning combinations in a convenient way. So, the slot has the following technical features:

  • Playing field with 8 reels and 8 rows.
  • The payout ratio (RTP) is 96.55%.
  • The minimum bet is 20 cents.
  • The maximum bet is $100.
  • The slot has a bonus game.
  • You can additionally buy prize spins.
  • The maximum size of the multiplier for the bet is x10000.

For beginners to be able to win, they only need to use the minimum wager. The slot has additional options and convenient features for the game, if you use or set it all correctly, the setting of the slot machine will bring maximum benefit. 

Strategies for playing Gems Bonanza

To use the right scheme of the game, you just need to carefully study all the features. In this way, players will have a chance to bet exclusively on winning. To begin with, you should use strategies from proven users. This variant of the game allows you to work out all the features. It is enough to start by investing 20 cents on each spin. If this party does not win, then you should increase your bet by making more in double. There is a bonus game in the slot, which will lead to additional gameplay. At first, the player will not understand the basic mechanics of spinning the reels. But after ten minutes of play, the user will understand how much money he will get from the game.

Getting multipliers is not always possible. Rewards can be obtained through the formation of identical stones, the number of which should start from three or more. A new option on the same markers will be set by the new settings.